We are specialized in the organization of the staff’s geographical mobility

  • maximum level of autonomy quickly attained
  • human resources department relieved of many tasks
  • image of the company strengthened by the well-being of its employees and their family


The art of relocation at the service of your well-being.
Practical expertise of the real estate market updated on a daily basis.
Different according to the regions, and to the changing mortage rates and other variable factors.
Our relationship of trust with real estate agencies and managements, promoters and landlords to meet your expectations

Acropolis-Services : High quality relocation

Every expatriate’s situation is unique:

Before undertaking any search we take note of the needs, expectations and demands in a multicultural approach, which makes expatriates feel comfortable. Then we agree on the direction for finding accommodation.

Finding accommodation according to regional preferences:

LAUSANNE, or one of the municipalities surrounding the city, in a central position in French-speaking part of Switzerland.
LAVAUX, to the east of Lausanne, in the middle of terraced vineyards overlooking the Lake Leman.
THE RIVIERA VAUDOISE with Montreux and Vevey, with its mild climate, the magnificent living environment on the shore of the Lake Leman.
THE CHABLAIS VAUDOIS to the very east of the Lake Leman on the North-South International axis to Italy, France and Northern Europe.

Finding and selection of the best accommodation according to the desired characteristics:

The choice is vast in the categories of comfortable accommodation with average and higher price levels, from the most classical to the most original style. Rental prices as much as real estate prices vary from one region to the other. For the same price apartments are often bigger outside the city than in the city center. When mortgage interest rates are low it may be worth opting for a residential property.

For each proposed accommodation we attach photos of visited places and find the most suitable answers to the agreed criteria.

We also arrange for the rental application and assist in understanding and negotiation of the lease, as well as of the rental deposit. We also take care of the contracts for the supply of electricity, telephone, television, internet, water.

We are also available to give future owners answers to their administrative problems.

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I was employed in London and always aspired to work at EPFL. Acropolis Services were quick enough to submit to me numerous proposals along my requirements with supporting photographs etc. As a result, I succeeded to find a suitable apartment in Lausanne for myself and family at a reasonably moderate price. — Aris C., London