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Country of a complex culture Switzerland is a hospitable country, but it takes some getting used to. To feel really at home, even during a short visit, requires time and effort and is mentally demanding, leaving no time to engage in more rewarding activities, be it on the professional or personal level.

During the last few years, the reception of foreigners in Switzerland has significantly improved. In practice, however, a number of problems continue to exist. A general shortage in housing, for example, makes it even more difficult now than in the past to find accommodation to suit one’s tastes.

Before I established myself in Switzerland, I travelled and lived in many different countries, both in Europe and overseas, as part of my career in the tourism and hotel industry. I have therefore acquired a good understanding of the different cultures and extensive knowledge of the problems expatriates more often face. This, coupled with my great interest in social relations, is what led me to establish ACROPOLIS SERVICES. I offer a broad range of tailor-made services, in cooperation with qualified professionals, in the region of Lausanne and the Lemanic Basin of Eastern Vaud. Our wide information network and varied documentation, which we constantly update, on all aspects of life in these regions, enable us to provide our clients with an efficient and meticulous service.

The region of Lausanne is rapidly developing into a metropolis of the Lemanic region, rivaling Geneva, whilst the Lemanic Basin to the East of Lausanne up to Chablais is itself flourishing as a result of the poles of development policy, officially in force in the canton of Vaud since August 2008. There is an increasing trend amongst companies wishing to establish themselves, or expand their existing operations in the area, to outsource certain services that ACROPOLIS SERVICES is ready to undertake.

For companies, institutions and associations, ACROPOLIS SERVICES offers a number of important services, such as:

  • relieving their human resource department from several varied and time consuming tasks;
  • allowing expatriate staff to quickly become operational;
  • enhancing the image of the company by providing for the well-being of its associates and its family, or even  its clients, as well as other business partners
  • strict guaranteed confidentiality

We also provide assistance in the provision of ancillary services such as catering, cleaning, laundry, clothing repairs and alterations, ironing, gardening and printing services.

For those companies wishing to establish themselves to the east of the Lemanic Arc, our information network can be used to assist in their search for industrial or commercial land plots.

For private individuals, ACROPOLIS SERVICES saves time, allowing one to devote oneself to work or family or to enjoy real leisure time. 

Our services, suitably adapted to each individual case, also extend to:

  • persons who have retired from active life, wishing to enjoy their retirement in the Lemanic region;
  • foreigners or returning Swiss expatriates wishing to establish their own company in the Lemanic  region;
  • or even foreign expatriates or Swiss professionals who prefer the quality of life in the Lemanic region  and the ease of transport available in the area

Yianna Stephanidou


I arrived in Lausanne all alone without speaking the language and stayed with a friend looking desperately for suitable accommodation. The desired apartment was fast found thanks to the good services of Google Acropolis Services. — Fabian L., Vancouver, Canada