ACROPOLIS SERVICES is specialist providor of multicultural relocation services in the Lac Leman area.

We provide hands on assistance in welcoming and integrating your personal and associates’ relocation upon arrival in the Lac Leman area.

We act so that expatriates feel :

  • welcome in their new residence
  • well informed of the integration opportunities for their spouse
  • free from administrative worries
  • comfortably accommodated
  • free to choose their children’s school or crèche
  • free to make the most of leisure time and well-being

The effects of effective relocation can go far beyond an employee’s effective productivity. It contributes to the success of their integration in their new workspace and in building a climate of confidence that is a mark of the future long term professional relationship.

The Human Resources Department of your organisation will be significantly relieved from several varied and time consuming tasks.

A successful relocation always provides a real positive return on investment



Our information network will be at your disposal to be utilised by you to assist in the successful search in the Lac Leman area of:

  • Industrial or commercial land plots
  • Industrial or commercial properties
  • Offices buildings
  • Residential properties


Check out our Services page for a quick overview of the services we can provide to your company in saving time and making simple, efficient and effective your planned relocation to Switzerland !


I wished to leave Geneva and work in Lausanne. I always dreamed of a house as originally built as near as possible to the lake with a big closed garage. I also needed housekeeping-ironing services. I have been lucky to find Acropolis Services who met and satisfied all my requirements for which I am very happy. — Sylvain F., Geneva, Switzerland