Your well-being is our vocation!

Country of a complex culture Switzerland is a hospitable country, but it takes some getting used to. To feel really at home, even during a short visit, requires time and effort and is mentally demanding, leaving no time to engage in more rewarding activities, be it on the professional or personal level.


Our services extend to:

  • expatriates transferred or committed by a company or an institution in the Lac Leman area, who need a home for themselves alone or with their families
  • Swiss or foreign professionals called upon to teach in high schools EPFL, UNIL, IMD or others, who need housing                         


Our services extend also to:

  • persons who have retired from active life, wishing to enjoy their retirement in the Lemanic region
  • foreigners or returning Swiss expatriates wishing to establish their own company in the Lemanic region
  • or even foreign expatriates or Swiss professionals who prefer the quality of life in the Lemanic region and the ease of transport available in the area

For many expatriates it may be particularly interesting to settle down in a fiscally attractive municipality

Here our Services


I was employed in London and always aspired to work at EPFL. Acropolis Services were quick enough to submit to me numerous proposals along my requirements with supporting photographs etc. As a result, I succeeded to find a suitable apartment in Lausanne for myself and family at a reasonably moderate price. — Aris C., London